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Another Natural Disaster... Another Boom in Calgary?


In light of the recent flooding in and around Calgary, we thought we would comment on the history in Calgary's construction and renovation boom that happened in 2005 after the flooding and the problems it brought.

Watching the news today and seeing all the destruction of buildings, roads and communities around southern Alberta it seems overwhelming when you think about the task of rebuilding and getting back to normal.  Rewinding to 2005, with a lesser flooding situation than today, the rebuilding brought a boom to Calgary and area along with migrating trades people from all over the country trying to make a fast buck and go home.

This lack of good trades people, because of the high demand to get work done, brought anyone who had a truck and ladder to work on houses in need of repair. These migrating so-called "General Contractor" not only were not familiar with Alberta Building Codes, but inflated pricing. The home owner was at the mercy of just getting the house put back together if someone had the time. This inflated pricing did damage to those local General Contractors after the work migrants filled their pockets and returned to where they came.

With pricing all of the map after the boom, the homeowner got the feeling that all General Contractors can negotiate prices because there is someone else that can do it for cheaper. Most of those cheaper guys that migrated, also cut the corner and did substandard work. The workmanship during this period then gave General Contractors a bad reputation and the public lumped all of us into this category,

As a company that has been around, takes pride in the work, and is here to stay and to contribute to the community in which it lives, is hoping that this Boom is not same as before.

We hope those people that have lost or damaged property can see through this and rebuild with confidence when choosing a General Contractor.

Photos by: Dan Gibbs (June 21), and Kurt Westergard (June 22)