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Home renovation company and general contractor specializing in full service design-build renovations of residential and commercial buildings and new construction of commercial and residential buildings. Our expertise lies in renovating homes and commercial spaces into well-designed, high quality, energy efficient modern spaces



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Home Renovations Ideas and Tips from the Best General Contractor Company Calgary

A Calgary a full-service renovation company and general contractor specializing in design, the turnkey commercial renovations, full home renovations, custom homes and additions.  Check out our website for tip and ideas.


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Design Principles for Ultra Cool Industrial Kitchens (and Other Interiors)


Industrial influenced design is not only super cool, but also, one may argue, environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Find out more what are the key principles of industrial design and how to apply them.

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Mid-Century Danish Modern Inspired Home Renovation Ideas


Despite its name Danish Modern in many ways transcends the word modern - is a style that can be incorporated successfully into contemporary and traditional interiors, urban and country alike leading itself to a timeless appeal. Its forms range from those inspired by the great traditions of furniture making in the ancient world to free flowing organic shapes that seem to define the twentieth century. 


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Very Hip and Enduring: Mid-Century Modern Design


Mid-Century Modern design, from the 1940’s through to the early 1970, is hugely popular with collectors and decorators alike and many furniture pieces from that time have become the staple of the modern interior design and decorating. Find out more...

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Zen Inspired Home Designs for Your Next Renovation or Remodel Project


The quest for tranquility, clarity, simplicity and naturalness in our homes and also in our lives, has led many designers to find inspiration in the guiding principles of Zen.  Find out what are the key principles of Zen designs that can guide your next renovation project.

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Kitchen Renovations: Design Strategies for Great, Small Kitchens


Creating a small, great kitchen demands not just clever design solutions, but a willingness to rethink old-school design rules. Here are some great design strategies for small kitchen renovations.

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