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Home renovation company and general contractor specializing in full service design-build renovations of residential and commercial buildings and new construction of commercial and residential buildings. Our expertise lies in renovating homes and commercial spaces into well-designed, high quality, energy efficient modern spaces



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A Calgary a full-service renovation company and general contractor specializing in design, the turnkey commercial renovations, full home renovations, custom homes and additions.  Check out our website for tip and ideas.


Renovation & Construction Budget Guide for Your Next Renovation or New Build Project


Have you ever wondered what costs are involved in renovating or building a new house or in any other new construction? After receiving many, often, daily calls from homeowners asking about the renovation costs, we created this simple construction cost list that can serve well for more fruitful discussions with homeowners interested in renovations.

Since it is impossible to develop a template with exact costs, as each project is truly unique, the intention of this blog, is to provide a typical costs to consider when planning on renovating your home, commercial space or new build. 

Photo by Harmony Home Projects

Photo by Harmony Home Projects

Renovation and new Construction Cost include:

Before you start construction some of the typical cost to consider: (depending on the complexity of your project) you may hire an architect, designer, draftsman, interior designer, structural engineer, inspectors, (e.g. water, sewer, electrical, HVAC), general contractor/project manager. Also, don’t forget permit fees.

Photo by Harmony Home Projects

Photo by Harmony Home Projects

The typical construction cost could include: site prep demolition and cleanup, environmental fees, excavation, foundation and backfill, framing and trusses, windows, door hardware, stairs, roof shingles, stucco and other exterior wall finishes, plumbing, electrical, lighting fixtures, HVAC, insulation, security, drywall, painting, cabinets and countertops, appliances, tiles, hardwood, carpet, trim material, landscaping and sodding.

Photo by Harmony Home Projects

Photo by Harmony Home Projects

There is not such a thing as a “typical” construction budget. In reality, a construction budget depends on many factors, including: the complexity of the project, finishes used, changes and re-work due to changes. It can vary anywhere from $230/SF and from there up. The common misconception is that the renovation cost, especially for a major renovation - are less expensive that a new build. The fact is, old homes often require additional work in re-designing, re-configuring, and reworking an old house infrastructure to comply with new building codes.  This obviously will add the extra expenses to overall renovation cost. In a new build you don’t have to deal with this type of complexities and unforeseen and often expensive challenges.

Photo by Harmony Home Projects

Photo by Harmony Home Projects

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