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(403) 923-2996

Home renovation company and general contractor specializing in full service design-build renovations of residential and commercial buildings and new construction of commercial and residential buildings. Our expertise lies in renovating homes and commercial spaces into well-designed, high quality, energy efficient modern spaces



Home Renovations Ideas and Tips from the Calgary General Contractor, Renovation Company Calgary

A Calgary a full-service renovation company and general contractor specializing in design, the turnkey commercial renovations, full home renovations, custom homes and additions.  Check out our website for tip and ideas.


Modern Renovation of a Bungalow – How To Give A Modern Touch to Mid-century Bungalows or Ranches


The mid-century bungalows from the fifties and sixties and ranches from the seventies can be found everywhere in Calgary. These types of houses tend to be simple, functional, and unassuming. But they can also look dated.

What homeowners are rediscovering about the bungalows and ranches is just how affordable and flexible they can be. A thoughtful design idea and well planned and executed renovation project can bring a new life to your house. This blog provides a fresh look at the bungalows and ranches we live in and features several examples of remodeling exteriors and interiors that can be the inspiration for your next home renovation project.