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Home renovation company and general contractor specializing in full service design-build renovations of residential and commercial buildings and new construction of commercial and residential buildings. Our expertise lies in renovating homes and commercial spaces into well-designed, high quality, energy efficient modern spaces



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A Calgary a full-service renovation company and general contractor specializing in design, the turnkey commercial renovations, full home renovations, custom homes and additions.  Check out our website for tip and ideas.


Latest Trends in Commercial Interiors of 2014 – Commercial Interior News


In this issue I would like to share 5 of my favorite, most exciting trends in commercial interior design that can serve as an inspiration for your next commercial space, renovation project. 

1. Eclectic Mixture of Textures and Styles 

One of the most "enduring" trends is blending rustic, industrial finishes with the clean lines of modern design:

De Pasta Kantine, Rotterdam 

In this restaurant interior, there is a wonderful mixture of a variety of styles and textures.  Exposed brick wall, serves as a backdrop for softer lines of furnitures and accessories. 

2. Living Architecture

 Green roofs and walls reduce pollution and runoff, help insulate and reduce the maintenance needs of buildings, contribute to biodiversity, and provide habitats for wildlife. In addition to all this, they are attractive to look at and enhance aesthetics of any interior:

Living Wall in a restaurant designed by Abraham Cherem / Javier Serrano, Polanco, Mexico City, May 2011

3. Materials and Surfaces Simple and Rough

The juxtaposition between contrasting materials and surfaces: simple and rough creates unique intimacy and interest in the KNRDY Restaurant Design by Suto Interior Architects.

KNRDY Restaurant Design by Suto Interior Architects

4. Green, Recyclable, Reusable

Designer Willem Heeffer recycled 36 oil cans into a fantastic series of lights for a new restaurant in Helsinki, Finland. After salvaging the drums from a local oil recycling center, Heeffer — an artist whose work typically explores urban public space — cleaned them out and reinvented them as a cool collection of vintage-looking shades!

 Midhill Restaurant in Helsinki by Willem Heeffer

5. Interactive Architectural Elements 

Interactive architecture is a newly emerging branch of architectural design, made possible due to developments in information technology and the availability of new materials that allow extending buildings with information processing, sensing and actuating properties. In opposition to traditional architecture the design essence of interactive architectural objects lies not only in their physicality, but also in their behaviour. Here is one example of an interactive light installation:

DUNE is the public interactive landscape that interacts with human behaviour. This hybrid of nature and technology is composed of large amounts of fiber that brighten according to the sounds and motion of passing visitors. 

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