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Home Renovations Ideas and Tips from the Calgary General Contractor, Renovation Company Calgary

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Affordable Remodel – High Impact Exterior Renovations that Don't Break The Bank


After lived for years in a boring, basic bungalow, and trying to offer some inspiring exterior renovations ideas to my clients I came across this excellent article on www. providing very usefull tips on enhancing the look of any average looking house.  Here are some interesting ideas and pictures of remodelled bungalows and ranches that can provide high impact improvements and be also translated into economical ways of updating exteriors of any home.

1. Create Drama:  The most critical aspect missing from the average bungalow or a ranch is a little bit of drama. Gates, front doors, path lights, landscaping and creativity create a dramatic home entry. 

2. Accentuate the base.

Try accentuating the color of your front door by using a similar color in a contrasting material around the base of your home. This tiny detail will give your ranch a visual foundation and emphasize the long, lean lines of this architectural style. You might compare this foundation line to the collar of your shirt. As your collar line creates a frame for your face, the foundation line creates a frame for your home.

3. Replace the front door. 

Replacing a worn or outdated front door is a great investment — and in a ranch style home or a bungalow the impact is even greater. 

4. Emphasize the horizontal. 

Ranch style homes are long, low and horizontal in orientation. Adding a pathway bordered by plans, as an example, repeats the same long, low line, but orients it towards the visitor. This balances the entire look of the home and draws your eye to the gorgeous front door.

5. Try a portico.

 A portico is simply a small roof over the entry, braced by two columns. It is a defining feature that gives shape to the facade and also serves the practical purpose of a shelter from weather at the front door. 

6. Add plants. If you don't have mature trees, you can still use annual and perennial plantings to boost your home's curb appeal. Black-eyed Susans are a cheerful welcome and a great contrast to the butter yellow and cornflower blue of this home.

7. Add architectural elements to the landscape. Accentuate plantings with large raised beds and a matching mailbox post. Notice how the three brick structures create a triangle and balance the pathway; all three elements working together to draw your eye to the front door.